The Actor's Planner and Industry Starter Guide

ACTORS ARE EMPOWERED to build their acting career WITHOUT the help of a talent agent or manager. This planner includes instructions for a strong start and an illuminated path to move full force ahead.

The TEN powerful career-advancing pages were designed for the new, inactive, and busy actor to start and stay proactive on their journey.

Finding auditions, networking, and career growth has always been in the actor's hands. This planner reminds you to take control every day.

GIFT THIS TO A NEW GRADUATE OR AN ACTOR WHO NEEDS A CAREER BOOST. Print, roll into a scroll and tie with a bow.

BONUS PAGE. There is an 11th page with TEN innovative and savvy ways to find MORE auditions, connect with casting directors and elevate an acting career to the next level.

This planner was developed by a globally-recognized film career consultant with over 25 years of experience. Although the planner was created with all actors in mind, there are no formulae to replicate any one person's success. Dedication, focus, and the planner content are key for ANYONE with an acting career dream.

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